The problem with the system

So here in Scotland some of our early years children are returning to nursery and school today.
Let’s take a moment to realise that Neuro divergent people, like orchids, can flourish in an environment that meets their needs. ❤️
Children often feel a huge resistance to being different. This image sadly demonstrates the reality that our children face in many situations. 😢
Just put yourself in their shoes for a second.....
Would you expect a claustrophobic person to go into a small space? Would you expect a paraplegic person to run a marathon?
So how is it that many professionals expect autistic and ADHD individuals to just integrate into a neuro typical world without difficulty?
We should be encouraging our children to be the most authentic version of themselves because sharing and expressing one’s true self with others can increase openness, sincerity and trust.❤️

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