Sensory Sessions


Our sensory seekers sessions are suitable for nursery and primary school aged children. Sensory play activities help children learn more about their surroundings by using their senses in a natural way. Such activities promote brain development by stimulating neurons in the brain to form connections, and they aid in the development of all areas of learning. Children's sense of touch develops as they explore sensory materials.

This lays the foundation for learning other skills, such as object identification by touch and the use of fine and gross motor skills. Sensory experiences can be soothing and therapeutic for young children, allowing them to process their emotions, anxieties, and frustrations.

They can help children release pent-up energy and gain mastery over new skill sets.

Sessions Cost £3 per child (Parent goes free) We make every effort to ensure that early intervention remains open and inclusive and that no family is disadvantaged financially, please contact us in confidence if you require full assistance for your child.

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