Useful Links

  • AVCO: ACVO exists to develop, involve, represent and support the third sector in Aberdeen.
  • Rainbow Rogues - Providing Excellent support for families of pre-school children who have additional support needs and / or  disabilities:
  • The National Autistic Society (NAS) can be contacted by families pre-and post diagnosis, and are a great source of information and support. For more information:
  • The PDA Society - provide information, support and training for those living and working with PDA and work to raise awareness, increase acceptance and empower people to take action in relation to PDA
  • Contact a Family is a national charity who support the families of disabled children, whatever their condition or disability. They offer support, information and advice.
  • Family fund provides grants to families on low incomes who have children with additional needs.
  • Cerebra is a national charity for children with neurological conditions, including autism. They offer support to families and have a free lending library of books, toys and sensory equipment.
  • Phyllis Kupperman is a founder of the Centre for Speech and Language Disorders, in Chicago. For more information about the work of the centre, and links to further articles and information at: