Our Vision


An early intervention approach involves identifying effective support for children and/or their families at the earliest opportunity. Many studies have found that children who receive support in their younger years make greater improvements than those who receive support or enter programs later.

Adverse childhood experiences can affect a person’s future life chances, Early Intervention Support can help build resilience and protect a child from the lasting effects of trauma.

Many children experience delays during childhood affecting their speech or language development and for the majority of children these difficulties resolve themselves as they mature and/or as a result of early intervention and support.

We aspire to provide support for families of pre-school age children who present as having speech, language and/or social communication challenges.


Our values include promoting the SPELL framework which recognises the unique needs of children and emphasises that planning and intervention should be organised on this basis which will in turn improve their future life chances.  
If you suspect that your child may have a developmental delay or any other concerns, we advise you to seek help from your health visitor or GP.