About Us


Lara Goldie is a dedicated and passionate Speech and Language Therapist and mother to 4 young children.  She has a BS in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, and a Master's Degree in Communication Disorders and she is fully certified in the United Kingdom and the United States (CCC-SLP, MRCSLT, and HCPC-cert) and has 12 years of post graduate experience.

Lara has worked in a variety of settings including Early Intervention, hospitals, Schools and voice clinics. She is skilled at treating a wide range of speech, language and voice disorders.

Lara has worked extremely hard in her education and training in order to understand communication difficulties and to know the most efficient way to treat them.  She is committed to providing current, research-based, and effective treatment and it brings great satisfaction for her to be a part of someone's journey to improve.


Linda Lumsden is a local business woman and mother to 4 children, she became one of the United Kingdom’s youngest entrepreneurs, at the age of 18 with the assistance of the Princes Scottish youth business trust. She has owned and operated her business premises in Aberdeen City Centre for over 19 years.

Linda has a BA (Hons) degree in Law and Management and various SVQs and HND units in Business, Law and Childcare, She recently completed a Post Graduate certificate in Autism and Practice and is currently studying a Masters in Education at The University of Aberdeen.

Linda was deprived of schooling at the age of 14, when she was failed by the education system. She also has vast experience navigating the local authorities social care system following her brothers aquired brain damage nine years ago.

One of Lindas sons is twice exceptional and has an Autism Spectrum Condition diagnosis. His progress since working with Lara at the age of two has been phenomenal. The lack of funded support and services offered to improve the life chances of neurodivergent children, particulary those considered to be at the high functioning end of the spectrum, has given her the determination to help empower other families in similar circumstances.

    Amanda Nicolson is a dedicated and passionate Social Care Professional with substantial experience at senior management level and comes with a proven track record managing large services and staff teams. Amanda started her career in care homes for older people as a Carer. She also has vast experience working with various vulnerable groups including children and adults with learning disabilities, older adults and those with mental health issues. Amanda is passionate about quality service provision, social justice and meaningful inclusion.

    Amanda met Linda while they were both studying at university. They both believe that everyone can flourish if they are given the support and resources to access the same opportunities that many of us can take for granted.


    Amanda has a BA (Hons) degree in Law and Management where she opted for modules that were relevant to her work experience including Child Care Law. She also has various SVQs and HND units in Business, Law, Health and Social Care. Amanda is currently studying several courses covering health and wellbeing topics at the Open University.

      Michelle Blake is a self-employed neurodivergent counsellor/coach with extensive experience working with neurodiversity. Michelle has lived experience of being both Autistic and ADHD as well as having children who are Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic, and hearing impaired as well as a deep theoretical understanding of both ASD and ADHD.

      Michelle’s professional background includes working as a counsellor/coach primarily within educational settings specifically working with students who are neurodivergent. In 2013 she co-founded a Social Enterprise Company specialising in delivering Ecotherapy projects outdoors, supporting neurodivergent clients to access green space. The projects developed through Michelle’s love of research when she identified that ‘those who are more active in natural spaces have a greater sense of wellbeing and have lower rates of depression and anxiety (www.mind.org.uk/ecominds). All her work centres around her core passion for supporting and advocating on behalf of individuals with neurodiversity and their right to be included.

      Michelle has an Honours Degree in Person-Centred Counselling as well as being a qualified Clinical Supervisor and is BACP registered. She has recently completed her PG Cert in Autism and Learning at the University of Aberdeen and is currently completing her PG Cert in ADHD and Neurodevelopmental Conditions. Once finished Michelle plans to complete her Master’s degree with a research project on Autism and ADHD