💕 15th May 2021 - PDA Day

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) is a little known part of the autism spectrum.
PDA individuals have an anxiety-driven need to avoid demands and to remain in full control, They can often present as hostile with explosive behaviours and have no sense of hierarchy. It is common for a PDA child to treat everyone the same and to expect adults to treat them as equal.
👉An alarming 70% of PDA learners are not educated in school environments, which demonstrates that there is an urgent need to educate professionals in this atypical autistic presentation.
The usual goto strategies for autistic learners do not work for PDA learners. If you follow this agenda you are undoubtedly setting that child up to fail.
It is very important to establish a relationship built on trust with a PDA learner and to work collaboratively following their passions and interests. Enter their world and work with the learner child-led. If you take that time to build a relationship with your learner you will see a completely different child.
Please share this video with professionals because in my experience there are still many who don't believe PDA exists.
How can our children possibly thrive and flourish if the appropriate adjustments are not made?
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This is one of two videos which was created for PDA Day 2021 by the PDA Society that share best practice about PDA for professionals from all sectors including healthcare, education, social care, the law, therapists, counsellors, advocates and policymakers.
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