The Problem with Functioning Labels

Functioning labels
Dear Professionals,
🙏 Please try and refrain from using the “high-functioning” label to describe a cognitively able child because this label has absolutely nothing to do with a neurodivergent child's ability to function in all areas on a day-to-day basis...By labeling a child in this way you are facilitating and depriving children of their much-needed access to additional support and services.
👉 Consider this....
Just because someone is intelligent, gifted or cognitively able does not automatically mean that they are able to “function highly” in other areas.
🤔 Managing daily tasks, self-regulation, ability to plan and stay organised, and mental health challenges are not determined by someone's Intelligence.
👉 Please take a moment to think about a child’s day-to-day life experience when they are trying to navigate their way through a society that is not built for them. Persistently being told that the way they act and express themselves is all wrong.
Take a moment to think about how that feels and recognise that
✅ A highly gifted child will not deal with depression and other mental health challenges better than someone who is not gifted.
✅ Some gifted people have challenges with emotional regulation, and may completely meltdown in response to rejection or if something doesn’t go to plan.
✅ A person with a lower IQ score can have better motor skills than a person with a higher IQ score who may have comorbidities such as dyspraxia and dysgraphia.
👉 please consider that IQ, functioning, and support needs are completely independent of each other and the application of this “high functioning” label can result in a child being denied access to much-needed support services which ultimately leads to low self-esteem, mental health challenges, and trauma.
✅ Be proactive, not reactive!
👉Because our children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way....Show them all the beauty they possess inside.... Give them a sense of pride to make it easier 🎵🎶
Yours sincerely
An extremely tired, stressed, frustrated parent of a wonderful gifted child who has been failed by this ineffective and outdated system and its data-driven assessment of need using a checklist of tick boxes.
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