Our Support & Services

Information, Support, Guidance and Resources

Our aim is to provide a listening ear and guidance to families, guardians and care givers, primarily so that they become empowered and gain understanding within their unique situations.

We understand that many families can become confused with conflicting information and advice or perhaps unable to find the right support that is relevant for them. We aim to ensure that what we share is easy to understand and navigate through. 

Our plans are to provide support to you through various platforms such as peer groups, social media pages, online webinars and access to many information resources, including links to relevant organisations or from our own content. We do advise that we are not a childcare service and any sessions where children are present, it is essential that they are accompanied by their care giver.

Our approach is to be empathetic, non-judgemental and honest. We do not profess to know everything but we hope to know someone or another organisation that can answer your questions.